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Safety Measures Key To Reducing California Medical Malpractice

Although it seems obvious, the first study with conclusive empirical evidence that the best way to reduce medical malpractice litigation is to reduce medical malpractice, was just released by the Rand Institute for Civil Justice. The number of malpractice cases is directly correlated to the number of mistakes and bad outcomes at hospitals throughout California.

Experienced California medical malpractice attorneys are needed in order to represent those who suffer injuries as the result of hospital and physician malpractice.

The Rand report concluded that by making improvements in safety, both patients and insurance providers would benefit. Further, although these findings were based on studies of California medical malpractice, including practices in Sacramento and throughout the Central Valley, these findings are applicable nationwide.

The Rand study noted the following:

• A significantly high correlation between adverse events and malpractice claims

• A decrease of 10 adverse events would lead to a decrease of 3.7 claims

• Decreasing malpractice claims reduces pressure on malpractice insurance providers to increase premiums

Although these seem like common sense findings, the Rand study is the first to set forth empirical evidence validating these claim. As a California personal injury attorney concerned about medical malpractice and the possibility of wrongful death, I hope this study encourages policymakers to focus on improved safety performance rather than so called "tort reform." As a result, health care costs and malpractice claims could be lowered significantly, not to mention the greatest benefit of all - improving the quality of patient care.

Bicycling Now Legal On Sacramento's K Street Mall

After a 23-year ban, bicyclists were allowed back on the K Street Mall this week. Bicyclists can now legally ride on the Mall from 7th to 13th Streets and in the tunnel connecting 2d and 4th Streets.

Bicyclists were originally banned from the K Street Mall in 1987 to avoid bicycle accidents after light-rail tracks were installed.

The Department of Transportation stated in a news release that lifting the ban on bicycles on K Street Mall is "another important accomplishment toward creating and maintaining a safe and reliable multi-modal transportation for the city and the region."

Bicycling is an increasingly popular mode of transportation in Sacramento and throughout the area including the cities of San Francisco, Davis and Palo Alto which rank among the Top Ten Best bicycling cities the United States.

Keeping in mind a few simple safety tips will help prevent bicycling accidents and limit their severity if they occur. These include:

• Wearing your helmet. Wearing a helmet significantly decreases the possibility of sustaining a brain injury if you're in an accident.

• Obey speed limits and rules of the road. In crowded areas such as K Street it's important to be alert, not exceed the speed limit (10 mph) and use appropriate hand signals.

• Yield to Pedestrians. Not only can bicycle/car collisions lead to injuries, so can bicycle/pedestrians collisions.

As a Sacramento bicycling accident attorney and biking enthusiast, I applaud Sacramento's efforts to be a bike friendly city. If you have any questions regarding bicycle safety, or if you or a loved one has been in bicycling accident, please contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette.