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Dealing with a Car Accident in Sacramento

Personal injury attorneys with Sette Law frequently work with victims of car accidents in Sacramento. Accident lawyers deal with the outcome of missteps on the part of injured victims in the immediate aftermath of the accident – a crucial time for car accident victims to be savvy and use good judgment. Our Sacramento car accident attorneys advise drivers to be educated about the dynamics that happen after a crash in which they are injured. According to personal injury lawyers, there are a few basic practices motorists should keep in mind in case they are involved in a car accident in Sacramento.

Car accident lawyers advise, first and foremost, that drivers do not engage in conversation (or argument) about which driver was at fault in the car accident. Our Sacramento injury attorneys say this might be a first instinct – to apologize or to accept blame. Even though courts may not allow such statements, calling them “hearsay,” our personal injury lawyers know that exceptions have (and will) be made. If you feel that you’ve been injured in a car accident, our lawyers say it’s better to be a listener than it is to do the talking. We know that in the heat of the moment this might be a challenge for victims in Sacramento, but car accident attorneys too often hear a plaintiff’s words come back to haunt them in court.

Our Sacramento injury attorneys suggest that car accident victims listen carefully to any statements made by the other driver. You might also use a recording device on your cell phone to help you remember the important details of the car accident; your personal injury attorney will be grateful. Also, someone injured in a car accident is usually under great stress which makes recall more difficult. With a recording (or accurate notes) our Sacramento personal injury lawyers will be able to build a more accurate account of the car accident that caused your injury.

In addition, use your cell phone to take photos and video of the car accident scene. Attorneys will appreciate any evidence that captures the details and the surroundings. Trite as at sounds, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers know from experience, that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Another common mistake our Sacramento accident attorneys see is when a victim, thinking she has only a minor injury, does not get medical attention. Physicians know that car accident injuries sometimes don’t immediately manifest. Car accident injuries often cause what’s commonly known as “whiplash,” with pain and mobility problems showing up hours, or even days, after an accident. Our Sacramento accident lawyers say it’s smart to take this extra precaution, even if you feel “okay.” Should you neglect to get yourself checked out by a physician, the accident attorney representing the other driver can allege that you were not hurt enough to seek medical help right after the car accident.

Of course, you don’t need a Sacramento accident attorney to tell you to get the other driver’s critical information such as driver’s license number, car license and insurance contacts. But, do not underestimate the work it may take you as a car accident victim in Sacramento, to receive compensation for medical and other expenses incurred by you. This is definitely where you need the expertise of a Sacramento car accident attorney who specializes in personal injury law.

Establishing Liability in a Sacramento Car Accident
Lawyers are aware that state laws usually govern traffic accidents. Lawsuits usually require proof of  “negligence” that caused personal injury in a car accident. As a Sacramento car accident victim, your attorney will provide evidence the defendant’s negligence caused physical harm to you and damage to property. This process requires your Sacramento accident lawyer prove the following principles: a: Harm, B: Causation, C: Breach, D: Duty. Let’s look briefly at each of these items.

Harm: Our Sacramento injury lawyer must prove that the defendant's actions harmed you physically and/or caused harm to your property. Without the support of a personal injury attorney, the defendant’s lawyer may allege your injury is unrelated to the car accident – and be able to support that allegation with evidence you are unprepared to counter without a Sacramento personal injury lawyer at your side.
Causation: It’s the job of your personal injury attorney to show the accident was directly responsible for injuries suffered in a Sacramento car accident. Lawyers may call medical experts to attest to the fact the car accident did, in fact, inflict the injuries.
Breach:  Personal injury lawyers will seek to prove that the defendant failed to obey traffic laws, drove in a reckless manner or otherwise failed to follow his or her legal obligation as a driver. A Sacramento injury lawyer may show evidence such as skid marks at the accident scene or evidence the defendant was driving under the influence at the time of the accident.
Duty: This is the underlying principle understood by our Sacramento accident attorneys. It simply means that drivers are obligated to obey traffic laws, drive safely within speed limits and generally adhere to the rules of the road everywhere, including Sacramento.

Personal injury lawyers develop expertise in car accident litigation which is anything but simple. Just this brief summary of the dynamics of personal injury lawsuits shows how many elements must be in place for a car accident victim to be compensated for financial losses. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers urge victims to contact a legal professional rather than face the defendant’s trained personal injury attorney in court alone. There are many missteps, both large and small, that Sacramento injury attorneys know how to avoid. A good personal injury lawyer will help a car accident victim receive just compensation for medical bills, damages to property and other losses. In addition, an experienced car accident lawyer can advise accident victims about the equity of settlements offered and also protect your individual rights.

Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers at Sette law are highly experienced in representing car accident victims. Lawyers here understand the dynamics of lawsuits that conclude with a verdict or a settlement. It’s our job as professional car accident attorneys to use our professional focus on car accident law and personal injury to benefit clients through compassionate, yet strong, representation.