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Corte Madera Class Aims At Reducing Car Accidents

As the result of numerous fatal and serious California car accidents, Corte Madera has started the Start Smart safe driving program designed to teach teen drivers about road safety and the dangers of drunk driving. One person attending was from Novato High School where a drunk driving accident recently claimed the life of a classmate.

One method the Smart Start program uses to teach about the effects of drinking on your driving skills is to provide goggles that simulate the effects of being intoxicated. Wearing the goggles, students are instructed to try to complete common field sobriety tests. They also shown instructional - and frightening - films such as "Red Asphalt" designed to warn teens about the dangers of drink and driving, as well as distracted driving.

According to the Novato Patch, teens account for 14% of traffic deaths in California, with the most common reasons being drunk driving and distracted driving. Statistically distracted driving has been shown to be more dangerous than drunk driving due in large part to the frequency teens text and drive and the misguided belief that you can send "a quick text" without losing focus on the road.

As a California personal injury attorney I support classes such as these that educate teens about the real dangers associated with driving and try to prevent future serious accidents and deaths.

For more information, contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette, dedicated to helping the injured for more than 15 years.

Roseville Galleria Fire Ends With No Injuries

Last week's stand-off at the Roseville Galleria luckily ended with no injuries. According to the Sacramento Bee, a man walked into the mall's Gamestop, began talking incoherently, then ordered the employees out. The man subsequently set fire to the mall.

The fire garnered national attention as police and fire fighters mounted a massive response, surrounding the building and assisting shoppers out of the mall. The mall sustained significant water damage and the roof collapsed over two shops. Fortunately no one was harmed in the incident.

When large-scale accidents causing significant damage occur - several issues are raised. First, what is the primary cause of the accident? Here, a man suspected of arson has been arrested for the crime. Next, did those charged with responding to the accident and putting out the fire act with reasonable care? Police and employees are paid to perform their duties to an established standard of care - if their conduct falls below this threshold, liability may exist. In such instances, individuals, their employers and even local governments may be held responsible.

Finally, did the owner of the building in some way contribute to the damage by failing to protect themselves from fires? Reports have surfaced indicating that the sprinkler system failed to work properly, either as the result of a police officer or firefighter turning off the system or due to a failure of the system itself.

As the investigation into the fire continues, questions of liability will undoubtedly surface. When injuries occur, a victims' compensation depends on the answers to these questions.

For more information, or if you have been harmed in a California accident, contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette, helping the injured for more than 15 years.

Drunk Driver Sentenced To Two Years For Injuring Rocklin Woman

A Ridgecrest, California woman was sentenced to two years and $2000 for a DUI accident in Nevada causing substantial physical injury to a woman from Rocklin. Constance Marie Forrest was nearly three times the legal limit when she ran into Sandra LeCompte and her husband.

Forrest was arrested after the Nevada Highway Patrol saw her vehicle going the wrong-way on I-80. By the time the NHP caught up to her, she had already collided with LeCompte's vehicle and caused the vehicle to rollover. Sandra LeCompte suffered a fractured wrist and wore a cast for weeks.

Although recent statistics point to the incidence of DUIs decreasing, driver intoxication is the lead cause of car accidents in the United States. Further, nearly 40% of traffic fatalities can be attributed to drunk driving.

Often victims injured by negligent drunk drivers face medical bills, lost wages, physical pain and emotional distress. Although the injuries in this accident were not life threatening, both physical and emotional injuries from any accident may linger, creating future damages and costs.

For more information, or if you or a loved one has bee injured by a drunk driver, contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette. For more than 15 years we've been helping those injured by the wrongful conduct of others.

Vacaville Motorcycle Accident Ends Tragically

According to the Contra Costa Times, a Vacaville man has died as the result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.

The specific reasons that caused the man to lose control of the motorcycle and leave the roadway are unknown. He suffered serious injuries as the result of the crash and died shortly thereafter.

Too often, motorcycle crashes end in serious injuries and death. Little protection separates the driver from the road. Whether the man in this tragic accident was wearing a helmet in this instance has not been reported. However, helmets remain one of the top safety precautions a motorcyclist can take to prevent serious head and brain trauma and other life threatening injuries.

Other motorcycle safety tips include:

• Avoid distracted driving

• Be aware of changing road conditions

• Pay attention to your body position on the motorcycle

• Maintain your motorcycle's condition

For more information, or if you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette, a personal injury attorney dedicated to keeping California motorcyclists safe.

California Medical Malpractice On The Rise

According to the SanFrancisco Chronicle, avoidable medical mistakes are on the rise in the Bay Area and throughout California.

A recent report entitled "Events that a never supposed to happen in state hospitals," spells out in frightening detail the frequency of "never" events - i.e. things that are never supposed to happen in California hospitals.

For example, just last year California hospitals reported close to 200 cases of foreign objects left in patents after surgery. At San Francisco General, a 4-by-8-inch piece of surgical sponge was left inside a patient after an eight-hour surgery. The patient had to undergo additional surgeries just to correct the physician's error.

Other alarming statistics include a 100% increase in surgeries performed on the wrong patient, a 78% increase in bedsores acquired after admission, a 36% increase in deaths associated with a fall and a whopping 131% increase in sexual assaults on patients.

Recent studies have shown safety measures are the key to reducing California medical malpractice.

As a California personal injury attorney concerned about medical malpractice, I am hopeful that these studies exposing the problems throughout many California hospitals will finally bring needed changes to the care provided.