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Helicopter Accident In Sequoia National Forest Kills Beloved Outdoorsman

A tragic helicopter accident in the Sequoia National Forest has taken the life of a beloved California outdoorsman. According to reports, the Fresno man who led crews of volunteers through the Sierra Nevada mountains repairing trails and cleaning up marijuana grow sites has died after falling 50 feet from a helicopter. The man was to be lowered by a harness from the helicopter into the remote terrain, but something went wrong leading to the man’s death. A spokesperson stated that the accident remains under investigation adding, “They were trained by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the military … we just don’t know what happened yet.”

Whenever an accident occurs, it’s always a good idea to consult with an experienced Stockton personal injury attorney. Even if filing a lawsuit is the furthest thing from your mind, its important to have someone on your side, investigating just what lead to a particular accident.

In this instance, the man was part of a volunteer effort to clean up illegal marijuana grow sites in the Sierra Nevada wilderness in recent years. The California man along with four other cleanup volunteers were to be transported by helicopter to a spot about 100 feet away from one grow site located in a remote area. The spokesman noted “We could hear on the radio that the helicopter was coming in and lowering the crew members … Then a call went out that somebody had been injured.” Although the man was breathing when he was carried out of the area by emergency medical technicians, he later died at a trauma hospital in Visalia.

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