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Being on Alert for Truckers on Freeways of Sacramento

Personal injury attorneys know from experience that when a client comes to us with injuries from a Sacramento truck accident, the physical damages are likely significant. Our Sacramento accident attorneys point out that freeway driving does not present a level playing field for drivers in Sacramento. Our personal injury law attorneys note that trucks are often twenty or thirty times the weight of a passenger car. Accident attorneys add that trucks present other inequities such as their height – trapping cars beneath the behemoths in a Sacramento car crash. Consequently, attorneys say, in a big rig verses a Sacramento car accident, the motorist is usually the biggest loser.

Our Sacramento personal injury law attorneys will use this month’s blog to talk about the challenges both truckers and motorists face. We believe that mutual awareness may help prevent injurious or deadly truck verses car accidents. Our attorneys first want to point out that commercial drivers in general have a very good safety record across the nation and in Sacramento. But a car crash, attorneys say, is often so devastating that extra vigilance is called for by drivers in Sacramento.

Our personal injury law attorneys are well aware of the abundant truck traffic on the freeways surrounding Sacramento. Car accidents are, unfortunately, inevitable. And, according to statewide data, on the rise. Our personal injury attorneys report that in 2013 there were 278 deaths and 7511 injuries in truck verses car accidents. Attorneys say this is the highest number in four years. The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reinforces the need for vigilance in the County of Sacramento. Personal injury attorneys say OTS data recorded 9,152 fatal and injury motoring accidents in 2012 in Sacramento. Our accident attorneys point out this is concerning because that ranks Sacramento the 7th worst out of 58 comparable counties.

Since trucking accidents are almost always serious and often fatal, special attention should be paid to freeway safety in Sacramento. Accidents, our attorneys believe, can be prevented, when all drivers follow traffic laws in Sacramento. Personal injury law attorneys report that, nationwide, about 5 million big rigs (trucks and buses) travel with 250 million motorists. On the freeways of Sacramento, our accident attorneys agree, there are times of the day when the ratio of trucks to cars seems much higher. According to statistics, Sacramento personal injury law attorneys say that truckers are responsible in fewer than half of the accidents in the County of Sacramento. In 191 truck accidents, attorneys report, 70 were attributed to the driver of the truck.

The Causes of Truck Accidents in Sacramento

Accident attorneys reference highway safety data to look at the primary causes of large truck accidents. Personal injury law attorneys say the main factors listed are truck driver fatigue, speeding and the limited braking capability of big rigs in car accidents. Our attorneys reiterate that commercial drivers do not cause the majority of car accidents. Our lawyers, however, know that some truckers falsify their handwritten work records and log more than the permitted 11 hours behind the wheel in Sacramento. Personal injury attorneys agree with national safety groups that suggest truckers keep electronic time logs that can’t be easily altered. Our Sacramento personal injury law attorneys are aware of local accidents over the past five years attributed to truck driver fatigue in the County of Sacramento. 

Accident attorneys understand that most people know it takes much longer for a trucker to brake to a stop than it does a passenger car. Our personal injury law attorneys say this is one reason why truck brakes must be carefully maintained to avoid a Sacramento accident. Attorneys explain that faulty brakes can cause a truck to roll over, causing a potential deadly car accident. Our injury lawyers say that the truck driver is also in grave danger in a roll-over accident in Sacramento. Personal injury law attorneys say that a new requirement for a stability control system takes effect in 2017. Our Sacramento car accident attorneys say this innovation is designed to reduce deadly truck and car crashes.

Making Trucking Safer for Sacramento
Personal injury attorneys say the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has information on trucking policy and safety. Along with supporting the enhanced stability system, our Sacramento car accident attorneys say the IIHS is looking at rear “underride guards” that are meant to prevent cars from sliding under trucks in an accident. Attorneys say that IIHS research is showing that these rear guards often fail. Our Sacramento personal injury law attorneys agree that federal regulators should look at the IIHS data and take corrective action to protect motorists from deadly truck accidents.

Our car accident attorneys believe that improperly maintained trucks and dangerous driver behaviors threaten highway safety in Sacramento. Personal injury law attorneys look at the data nationwide. In 2013, truck occupants accounted for 16 percent of deaths in truck verses car accidents. Attorneys compare that with the figure for motorists and others at a whopping 67 percent.
Our Sacramento personal injury law attorneys agree that trucking companies, traffic policy and truck drivers can all improve to lower the rate of accidents. But Sacramento accident attorneys also know that motorists must drive defensively throughout the County of Sacramento. Personal injury law attorneys remind drivers that our community hosts several highways that are corridors for trucking. In Sacramento, car accidents, attorneys say, have often resulted in fatalities. Consequently, our personal injury lawyers remind motorists to monitor surrounding big rig traffic. Be aware that IIHS identifies the main lapses of truckers that cause car accidents. Our attorneys report that improper turns, ignoring right-of-way and speeding seem to be the lead causes of truck verses car accidents.

Attorneys agree that highway safety is a shared responsibility. But it is good to keep in mind that from the perspective of our Sacramento personal injury law attorneys, the aftermath of a trucking accident can be physically and financially devastating. Consequently, our Sacramento accident lawyers urge heightened awareness of truck traffic in the County of Sacramento.

Sacramento Injury Lawyers consider Truck Accident Data

Major freeways lace around and through Sacramento. Our injury lawyers at Sette law want to draw attention to trucking accidents that are a tragic byproduct of being part of a major interstate highway system. Our Sacramento accident attorneys know that in a big rig verses car collision, it’s the car and driver that usually sustains the greatest damage and injury. But injury lawyers are very aware that motorists often contribute to Sacramento truck accidents. Our attorneys have been involved in many cases in which motorists simply don’t respect the power of big rigs or the challenges faced by truck drivers passing through Sacramento.
Injury lawyers report that CHP data, from 2008 – 2012, shows approximately 200 people have been injured or killed in truck accidents each year. Add this to the statewide figure of 7,500 to 8,700 injured or killed and it’s clear that we should all pay more attention to public safety and trucking accidents. Injury lawyers also add that the figures for injuries reported by the CHP are probably lower than reality because many smaller accidents remain unreported statewide and in Sacramento. Our accident lawyers are gratified that local figures are much lower than those reported for the County of Los Angeles, but we think our region can do more to prevent truck accidents.

Our attorneys point out that Sacramento County is a thoroughfare for transportation with several highway routes – including eight state highways and Interstates 5, 80, US 50 and 99.  This means that truck traffic is significant and with heavy commuter traffic, everyone must drive defensively to avoid Sacramento accidents. Our attorneys urge motorists and professional truckers to respect each other’s presence on roadways in Sacramento.

Injury attorneys look at driver behavior that contributes to Sacramento truck accidents. Our lawyers believe both truckers as well as motorists can create safer conditions for each other. Professional drivers of big rigs receive training and special licensing. Our injury lawyers think motorists should also be better educated about driving safely in high speeds on freeway environments throughout the County of Sacramento. Accident attorneys know that big rig drivers face many challenges due to the nature of their vehicles.

Nationwide, approximately 600 truckers are killed every year. Our Sacramento accident attorneys say the trucking industry educates and trains drivers, but the very nature of big rigs contributes to very serious accidents. Our injury lawyers know that driving a big rig is strenuous and demanding, requiring specific skills and strength. Professional truckers are trained to use turn signals far in advance of lane changes and turns. They know that sudden changes can lead to deadly accidents. Our injury lawyers suggest that vehicle drivers pay attention to trucker’s signals and to trucker’s rear view mirrors.  Motorists should be aware a trucker’s ‘blind spot’ is significantly bigger than that of a family car driving a freeway in Sacramento. Our injury attorneys also say drivers should recognize that the weight of big rigs makes it impossible for them to ‘stop on a dime.’ If a vehicle driver cuts sharply on front of a trucker, causing him to apply his brakes suddenly, there is the risk of an accident. Injury lawyers say too few motorists realize what it takes to safely drive a big rig in Sacramento.

Personal injury attorneys also recognize that not all truckers adhere to the industry’s safety rules. Long distance trucking sometimes leaves drivers rushing to meet deadlines with too little sleep. Pressure to deliver products can be powerful motivation, leading to serious or deadly freeway accidents in Sacramento. Our injury attorneys urge long haul drivers to make safety paramount over deadlines to prevent trucking accidents.

Injury attorneys believe that safety on our freeways is a shared responsibility. Automobile drivers should understand how difficult it is to maneuver a massive big rig, and give truck drivers the space they need. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers also point out that professional big rig drivers have a responsibility to consistently adhere to all rules of the road, and to respect public safety. Trucking accidents happen on freeways of Sacramento, our injury lawyers say, when a driver of a car or a truck stops paying attention to their responsibility on the road.

When an accident does happen, our Sacramento injury lawyers advise drivers to keep some basic points in mind. We know that emotions often run high in the aftermath of a crash, but our personal injury attorneys suggest that parties involved keep cool heads and don’t engage in arguments or discussion about the Sacramento accident. Lawyers know from experience that words exchanged in such circumstances can come back to haunt accident victims in the courtroom. Simply share contact and insurance information, resist debating over fault and make no apologies. Our Sacramento injury lawyers also suggest that, if it is safe to do so, parties can capture images of the accident scene with a smart phone or camera. However, since trucking accidents are often serious, Sacramento injury attorneys remind people that medical attention is the most immediate concern.

As Sacramento personal injury attorneys we know that liability in collisions is often complicated. Sometimes fault belongs clearly to an individual driver in a trucking accident. But injury attorneys know that liability can also be shared. People involved in an accident can help accident injury attorneys by keeping clear heads, recording information, names and conditions.

But, most important is for all drivers to respect the power they have behind the wheel to either prevent or cause a Sacramento accident. Our lawyers work and live in this community too, and we have a stake in the safety of our family and our community. Although our Sacramento personal injury attorneys focus on accident law, our greatest desire is to enjoy a secure and safe environment. Given that our region is home to so many major freeways and highways, it’s inevitable that Sacramento truck accidents occur. Injury accident lawyers at Sette Law stand ready to help and support accident victims but prefer, instead, to focus on prevention that builds safer communities. Our injury lawyers look to trucking industry and Sacramento drivers to share our roadways and our desire for safety.

Bay Bridge S-Curve Involved In 47 Car And Truck Accidents Since Installed

According to KTVU, 47 car and truck accidents have occurred on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge since the curve was installed, including the fatal truck accident last November. In that crash, Tahir Fakhar was driving on the S-Curve when the truck went on two wheels and then over the side. TheEast Bay News reports that Fakhar’s family filed a wrongful death suit against the State of California and Caltrans earlier this week.

The Bay Bridge links Oakland to San Francisco, with close to 300,000 vehicle crossings each day.

Fakhar’s case raises several questions sure to be discussed in the coming months concerning the design and safety of the Bay Bridge’s S Curve. Since November, the California Highway Patrol and CalTrans have been working together to slow down drivers and have also shut down lanes of traffic. Hopefully these measures will lead to greater safety when crossing the bridge.

Other issues raised by this matter include whether driver error – such as speeding as the result of a tight delivery schedule or exhaustion due to long driving hours with little rest – were contributing factors. Further, in some instances trucking companies push drivers beyond what is safe in order to meet deadlines. Whether trucking company demands were a factor will also likely be explored.

For more information or if you have been injured in a car or truck accident, please contact the Law Offices of Frederick J. Sette, a California personal injury attorney dedicated to the safety of California drivers.

Visalia Trucker Sustains Major Injuries In Accident

According to the Visalia Times-Delta, a Visalia big rig driver was seriously injured when he rear-ended a pick-up truck near Terra Bella. Both cars overturned.

Fortunately the pick-up truck driver sustained only minor injuries.

Truck accidents often result in serious, even deadly injuries. Because of the sheer force behind a truck, minor shifts in direction or speed may result in a loss of control of an 18-wheeler. It is often difficult for a big rig to maneuver in response to other drivers’ abrupt changes in direction or unexpected conditions on the road.

In Tuesday’s accident, the driver of the pick-up truck had slowed to make a left-hand turn when the big rig ran into her.

In order to keep our roads safe, a few tips for truckers/car drivers include:

• Maintain safe driving distances between cars and trucks

• Pass trucks with car. Remember that trucks have large blind spots so make sure you can see the truck in your rear view mirror before pulling back into the lane.

• Do not text and drive. Too often distracted driving is the cause of California car accidents.

For more information, or if you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, please contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette, a California personal injury concerned about highway safety and accident prevention.

Deadly Off-Road Race Raises Questions Of Liability

Nearly a year after the deadly off-road accident in California’s Mojave Desert, questions concerning fault and just what went wrong that fatal evening remain. Brett Sloppy – a driver of a truck that ran into the crowd of spectators killing eight – believes that the incident was an accident.

According to KCBS, Sloppy notes that the steering wheel of his truck was “ripped out of his hands” after it jumped a stretch of the track known as the “rockpile.” He attributes this to an accident. Eight people died and dozens of others were injured after the truck slammed into the crowd and landed on its roof.

Questions have been raised concerning numerous different factors such as were the spectators allowed to get too close to the race? Did spectators disregard warnings? Did the U.S. Bureau of Land Management take the necessary precautions? Did race promoters follow proper protocol?

Here, several avenues of fault may exist. First, an internal investigation has shown that the Bureau of Land Management did not adequately monitor the race and failed to follow all the necessary procedures. Further, only one ranger was on patrol. Spectators crowded the course.

As Sloppy notes, “That was… the worst sight in my life and I never want to see that again.” Whenever any tragedy occurs, it is important to uncover the reasons behind an accident and do what is possible to prevent a similar incident from recurring.

Hopefully with all the attention garnered from this event, safety measures will be put in place to avoid future accidents.

Sloppy notes, “I didn’t want to hide, I wanted to get out and say my apologies.”

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a serious accident, please contact the dedicated Stockton personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Frederick J. Sette, to protect your rights and your future.

Fresno Teacher Awarded $11.5 Million After Truck Accident Causes Brain Injury

California news reports that a jury has awarded a Fresno teacher has been awarded an $11.5 million personal injury verdict as the result of injuries she sustained in a freak car accident. Susan Reyes, a Fresno schoolteacher, was hit in the head by a "hunk of iron" that flew off of a truck on Highway 99. Reyes incurred significant brain injuries as the result of the truck accident including short-term memory loss and severe headaches. She also suffers from chronic seizures. According to the personal injury lawsuit, Reyes has lost her drivers' license and was unable to continue working as a special assignment teacher with Fresno United school district.

If you have been harmed in any type of personal injury accident, it is important to consult with an experienced California personal injury lawyer right away to answer your personal injury questions and determine your right to compensation. In many situations, more than one cause may contribute to an accident. A knowledgeable Sacramento accident lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation into all possible factors in order to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Here, evidence at the trial revealed that Reyes was driving through Bakersfield and was following a big rig owned by Lion Raisins. The truck trailers had cables that held empty wooden bins in place. An accident investigations determined that after the truck's load shifted, a corner iron flew off the truck, likely hitting the pavement then catapulting through Reyes' windshield and into her "right skull and brain." As the result of the accident, Reyes lost control of the car and ended up in the median. She required emergency surgery to stay alive.

Reyes suffered a traumatic brain injury that has led to personality changes and "serious behavioral impairments."

The verdict represented compensation for past and future earnings, past and future medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in any personal injury accident, including a car accident, bus accident or truck accident it is important to obtain the compensation you deserve. For more information, contact the dedicated Sacramento accident attorneys at the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette for a free, confidential consultation.

Monterey Big Rig Accident Leads To Injuries And Delays

A Monterey big rig accident on Highway 101 resulted in minor injuries, as well as major delays. The California truck accident occurred early Friday morning near Espinoza Road.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact a California truck accident lawyer immediately to protect your rights and begin investigating the factors involved.

Here, a truck loaded with thousands of pounds of vegetables overturned, leading to one highway lane being closed while crews clean up the site. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

While no one was seriously injured in this big rig accident, it is important to keep in mind the potential for danger when trucks lose control. Because of the sheer magnitude of force behind an 18-wheeler, when a big rig loses traction on a slippery road, or its brakes fails on a decline, or its driver has to maneuver quickly to avoid colliding with another vehicle, serious and even fatal injuries can occur.

Those injured in trucking accidents may suffer significant harm, including physical and emotional injuries and pain and suffering. While sometimes truck driver error is to blame for an accident, many times other factors such as defective parts, roadway conditions or employer demands may be responsible.

For more information, or if you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, please contact the dedicated California truck accident lawyers at the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette.

Fewer Sacramento Car Accidents Over Holiday Weekend

Reports indicate that fewer car accidents and truck accidents occurred this past Thanksgiving weekend, although California DUI arrests were up. California Highway Patrol (CHP) attributes the decline in accidents to an increased police presence. The Northern division of the CHP, which includes Mt. Shasta, Crescent City and Yreka reported no fatal collisions. In Colusa County, only one major injury accident was reported.

The CHP Valley Division, including Sacramento, mounted a similar crackdown over Thanksgiving, aimed at reducing drunk-driving accidents.

In the United States drunk driving is the leading cause of car accidents, followed by distracted driving. The lives of victims injured as the result of others negligence may change in an instant, often facing lifelong medical costs, physical pain and loss of enjoyment of life. Whether the increased police presence, or the growing awareness of distracted driving and serious risks of drinking and driving, fewer accidents and fewer DUIs is good news for all California drivers and passengers.

For more information, or if you have been injured in a California car accident, contact the Law Office of Frederick J. Sette, helping the injured for more than 15 years.