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Bay Bridge S-Curve Involved In 47 Car And Truck Accidents Since Installed

According to KTVU, 47 car and truck accidents have occurred on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge since the curve was installed, including the fatal truck accident last November. In that crash, Tahir Fakhar was driving on the S-Curve when the truck went on two wheels and then over the side. TheEast Bay News reports that Fakhar’s family filed a wrongful death suit against the State of California and Caltrans earlier this week.

The Bay Bridge links Oakland to San Francisco, with close to 300,000 vehicle crossings each day.

Fakhar’s case raises several questions sure to be discussed in the coming months concerning the design and safety of the Bay Bridge’s S Curve. Since November, the California Highway Patrol and CalTrans have been working together to slow down drivers and have also shut down lanes of traffic. Hopefully these measures will lead to greater safety when crossing the bridge.

Other issues raised by this matter include whether driver error – such as speeding as the result of a tight delivery schedule or exhaustion due to long driving hours with little rest – were contributing factors. Further, in some instances trucking companies push drivers beyond what is safe in order to meet deadlines. Whether trucking company demands were a factor will also likely be explored.

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