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California Dog Bite Law Tough On Owners of Dangerous Dogs

Broward County, Florida officials are giving dangerous dogs a “second chance” to stay off of “doggie death row,” the term applied to Florida’s dogs who are awaiting euthanasia after violating that county’s one-bite rule. County officials have now changed the standard, euthanizing dogs after a second attack.

Dog bites are serious injuries – over 1000 dog bite victims are sent to emergency rooms around the country each year. The impact of a dog bite can be lifelong, with victims not only facing injuries, but potential physical and emotional scars as a result of the animal attack. If you have been injured in an animal attack or bitten by a dog, a knowledgeable California dog bite lawyer can help.

California dog bite laws are strict. Under California Civil Code Sec. 3342, the owner of any dog who bites another person is responsible for the injuries – even if the dog hasn’t been vicious before and even if the owner has no knowledge of the dog’s potential to be vicious. This means that if you are bitten, the dog owner may be responsible for your damages including medical costs, damage to property or personal damages, and emotional distress damages. You may even be able to recover punitive damages if the dog owner behaved in a reckless or malicious manner.

Unlike Broward County, California – including Stockton and San Joaquin County – does not have a “one bite law” or other hard and fast rule regarding euthanizing dangerous dogs. Rather, a court will evaluate the dog’s conduct and determine whether to quarantine or euthanize the animal based on the severity of the attack and the dog’s prior history.

For more information, or if you have been harmed in a California dog bite attack, contact The Law Office of Frederick J. Sette, an experienced California personal injury lawyer.