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Distracted Driving Leading Cause In California Accidents

Nearly 200,000 California car accidents involving injuries occur each year, and the number continues to rise. The causes of car accidents vary, from driver error, to roadway negligence and automobile defects. However, driver distraction remains one of the leading causes of roadway accidents. While many accidents can’t be prevented, following safety tips can go a long way in avoiding injuries.

Recently, a California Highway Patrol was interviewed concerning the CHP’s approach to ticketing drivers in an effort to improve safety. As provided in the article, many Californians have the misconception that CHP officers ticket drivers in order to raise revenue. However, the reality is they are trying to save peoples lives and prevent serious personal injuries.

By ticketing those who violate California hands free laws, CHP officers hope to decrease the number of car accidents that occur. Statistics show that drivers are four times as likely to get into injury accidents as those who avoid cell phone usage. Further, the group with the greatest proportion of distracted drivers is those under 20 years old. In fact, 16% of fatalities for California’s youngest drivers are the result of distracted driving.

Further, despite the push for hands-free cell phone usage, studies show that the risks of hands-free v. hand-held usage is minimal. The danger comes from the distraction having a conversation provides, not from the type of device you use.

The best policy is to avoid cell-phone usage whatsoever while you’re driving, and to pull over if you absolutely must make a call or text. In the meantime, the CHP will be out there doing their best to enforce California rules of the road.

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