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San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Kills Safety Advocate

An investigation is underway into a pedestrian accident that killed a man in a wheelchair. According to reports, the accident occurred in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood in the area of Market Street and Octavia Boulevard. The man killed was beloved by many, and was an advocate for making streets safer for the disabled. Ironically, The accident occurred in one to the city’s most notoriously dangerous intersections. In fact, in 2011 Market and Octavia had the most injury collisions of any San Francisco intersection, largely due to drivers making illegal or dangerous right turns, according to SFMTA.

One bystander notes, “I hate to say it, I’m not surprised. There’s been a number of accidents in the past three, four, five months,” said cyclist Michelle Forshner. “As careful as you can be as a cyclist, you’re watching to see ‘okay. I know it’s my turn to go. I’m not going to because these guys are going to hit me.’ You do the best you can, but it’s very scary.”

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Here, several issues may be at play. While certainly officials will investigate issues of driver error, recklessness and rights of way, questions surrounding the safety of the road way and intersection need to be explored. Further, when a particular street or intersection is responsible for a greater than expected number of accidents and injury, legal issues such as whether “roadway negligence” arise. A city or other governmental body may be held liable and responsible for paying damages where a stretch of road is particularly dangerous as the result of poor design, maintenance or other factors.

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